• PI, NIH-NIBIB R21 Trailblazer (under review), $400K, 2024
    Federated Multimodal Medical Data Generation
  • PI, Microsoft Accelerate Foundation Models Research – MSI (awarded), $50K, 2024
    “Federated Privacy-Preserving Multimodal Generator for Synthetic Medical Data Generation”
  • Co-PI, NSF-CIRC (under review), $250K, 2023. “CIRC: PLANNING-M: High Performance Computing Community for Health Equity Impact”
  • Co-PI, NSF-ExpandAI (under review), 2023. “CO: CAP: ExpandAI Capacity Building Pilot at SDSU: Towards A Sustainable Smart Community”
  • Co-PI, Google-CASHI (awarded), $80K, 2023. “SUDeC: A Scalable Framework for User-defined Spatial Clustering Queries on S2 Spherical Coordinate System”
  • Co-PI, NSF-DMREF (under review), $2M, 2023. “Towards Economical Solid-State Synthesis with AI”
  • Co-PI, NIH-PA-20-195 (unawarded), $441,967, 2022. “Parsimonious low dimensional biomimetic pump for analysis of hydraulic and rheologic features modifying intraocular and episcleral venous pressure appraised by sparse high throughput flow modeling”
  • PI, NSF-CAREER-CISE-SaTC (unawarded), $694,422, 2022. “Privacy-preserving Multimodal Conditional Generative Adversarial Network for Synthetic Data Generation”
  • Co-PI, NSF-FM (unawarded), $389,202, 2022. “Cloud-Based Real-Time Defect Monitoring of Laser Powder Bed Fusion Using Multi-Sensor and Physics-Informed Deep Learning”
  • Co-PI, NIST-MBAMGP-01 (unawarded), $900K, 2022. “Developing a data-driven cyber physical manufacturing system for metal additive manufacturing using physics-informed machine learning”
  • Co-Director (awarded) Division of Research and Innovation (DRI) Equipment Funding $102,817, 2022.
    “Supporting Deep Learning-based Research Activities with GPU-equipped High Performance Server Computers”
  • PI, Google Cloud credit grant to support COVID-19 research (awarded), $2,400, 2020. “Assessing the Integrity of COVID-19 Data”
  • Graduate Research Assistance (GRA)- Colorado State University, 2016-2020
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA)- Colorado State University, 2015-2016